For a complete list of publications click here, see  my Google profile, or download my CV. I also categorized my publications in the following categories:

  1. Tutorial papers;
  2. Results of comparing different methods by means of simulation studies;
  3. Statistical papers;
  4. Special applications (Bayes & Informative hypothesis testing);
  5. Applications divided in several sub-categories;
  6. Slides of presentations;
  7. Videos of presentations.


I started uploading additional information for each of my papers. This additional information can consist of (1) data sets, syntax files; (2) more information about the paper because it was not clearly described in the paper; (3) a discussion about how analyses should have been conducted given new developments or after getting new insights; and (4) errata of (minor) mistakes.

It may seem that with publishing additional information I am a sloppy scientist, however, I believe in honesty and full transparency. Why can books have new editions and websites where errata are published, but scientific papers can never be updated? Therefore, I decided to change the way scientific articles are typically considered.

I would very much like to invite fellow researchers to let me know if you want me to publish additional information for one of my papers. Thanks in advance for improving science!


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