The course materials for my workshop at EuroCamp will be uploaded on this website.

Shiny app & data and input files

Bayes – example LGMM PTSD

Bayes – how to obtain posterior

Bayes – Convergence

How to Get Started



Bayes – WAMBS

Bayes – black bear eurocamp


Please bring a laptop to the workshop with the following software installed:

  • Either install Mplus (the exercises can be performed with the demo version) or R depending which platform you normally use to analyze your data. Within the R environment we will use the package Blavaan which is the Bayesian equivalent of Lavaan (which mimics Mplus). If you are not familiar with the package Lavaan, I recommend you to complete an exercise before the start of the workshop to get familiar with the basic syntax. I also prepared an Mplus exercise for if you have not much experience with that software.
  • We will also play around with the software JASP and BIEMS. Please install JASP on your computer, and download + unzip the BIEMS package.

Some background literature can be downloaded here. Before the start of the workshop read at least the paper “Bayesian Analysis where to start what to report”.