Rens van de Schoot first studied Medical imaging techniques and worked for four years at the university hospital in Utrecht, The Netherlands. After this, he started studying again, completed his Psychology bachelor with a minor in juvenile delinquency and graduated cumlaude for the research master Development and Socialization of Children and Adolescents.

voorkant klein He obtained his PhD (also cumlaude) on applying Bayesian statistics to real life data at the department of Methods and Statistics. The title of his dissertations is “Informative Hypothesis: How to move beyond classical null hypothesis testing”. His dissertation was awarded the APA  award best dissertation of division 5.

Currently, he is appointed as associate professor at Utrecht University
and as extra-ordinary professor at the Optentia research programme, North West University in South-Africa. UU-logo2011_RGBlogo2


He is also a member of the Young Academy (Jonge Akademie) of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).



Rens is working on a grant from the Netherlands organization for scientific research on longitudinal Bayesian models for small samples. Recently, he received the prestigious VIDI grant.logo_header


He is associate editor of the European Journal of Developmental Psychology, topic editor for Frontiers in Psychology, statistical adviser for the European Journal of Psychotraumatology,  and member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Behavioral Development .



Rens is the main organizer of the Dutch Mplus users group and part of the South African Mplus users group. Furthermore, he is member of the organizing committee of the International Multilevel Conferences and the the sixth European Congress of Methodology.


eam-logo2 Presentation4

Rens is also a statistical consultant on multivariate statistics, structural equation modeling and Bayesian statistics. He does ongoing consultation projects for the University of Vienna (department of Educational Psychology), the North-West university in South-Africa, the Association of Dutch Burns Centres (VSBN), Rutgers Nisso Foundation, Netherlands Centre for Graduate and Research Schools in the Netherlands, etc.

He is member of the FD-Young Circle, a group of young thinkers who meet and discuss about how The Netherlands van take the next step.


logo_topRens is past-president of the Early Researchers Union of the European Association of Developmental Psychology.


During his PhD, he was chair of the university board of PhD-students: Prout.

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