Symposium: Estimating PTSD trajectories

11 March  2015
Utrecht, the Netherlands

On the 11th March  (prior to the ICPS conference) a symposium is organized on Latent Growth Mixture Models (LGMM) to estimate PTSD-trajectories.


  1. 8.30 – 9.00: registration and coffee.
  2. 9.00: Opening by Prof. Dr. Miranda Olff (president of the ISTSS).
  3. 9.15-10.00: Lecture by Rens van de Schoot. Latent Trajectory Studies: The basics, how to interpret the results and what to report. PDF
  4. 10.15-11.00: Lecture by Isaac Galatzer-Levy. Applications of Latent Growth Mixture Modeling and Allied Methods to Posttraumatic Stress Response Data. PDF
  5. 11.15-12.00: Lecture by Sarah Depaoli. Using Bayesian Statistics for Modeling PTSD through Latent Growth Mixture Modeling: Implementation and Discussion. PDF


Venue: The symposium will take place in the University Hall at Utrecht University (founded in 1462 and located in the old city center next to the Dom church), in the ‘ Belle van Zuylenzaal.

Time and Date: 9.00 – 12.00; March 11 2015

Fee:  There is no fee because the symposium is made available by funding from the Netherlands organization for scientific research (NWO-VENI-451-11-008).  

Registration: You can register by sending an email to Sonja Winter ( The number of places available is limited.

The  Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research has awarded Dr Rens van de Schoot, University of Utrecht, with a grant to advance statistical models investigating the causes and consequences of post traumatic stress (PTSD), including bringing together renowned scientists scientists in an international meeting.

This meeting is endorsed by the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS), and part of the ISTSS global meetings program. “We are excited about  new and advanced statistical techniques, in particular Bayesian LGMM,  since these can answer new research questions and deal with common encountered problems like having to deal with small data sets”.

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2 responses to “Symposium: Estimating PTSD trajectories

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  2. Very interesting symposium – congratulations to Miranda and all of you to offer this to professionals in the field. We are a group of reseachers working with the same topics here in Oslo. Would it be possible to plan for a trip to Oslo? We were thinking of a one-day workshop for a limited group.
    Please contact me by email if you would like to discuss this further:)

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