Additional information: WAMBS-checklist

Additional information on:
Depaoli, S., Van de Schoot, R. (2015, December 21). Improving Transparency and Replication in Bayesian Statistics: The WAMBS-Checklist. Psychological Methods. Advance online publication. doi:10.1037/met0000065

Pre-print version of the paper

Supplementary material including examples and instructions implementing the Checklist can be found here.

2 responses to “Additional information: WAMBS-checklist

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  2. Joris Mulder commented on our paper because we mentioned that in the software BIEMS the priors can not be adjusted. Joris, however, wrote to me:

    “In BIEMS a default prior (also referred to as the CECPP) is automatically generated for the parameters of interest based on the observed data. This default prior is based on a minimal subset of the data (e.g., two observations in a Bayesian t test) and the observed effects in the data. It is always good practice to check whether the default prior that is generated by BIEMS makes sense from a substantive point of view. This can be done by pressing the button “View/edit default prior”. In our experience this default prior is generally very reasonable and therefore the relative evidence in the data between the hypotheses, as quantified by the resulting Bayes factor, is very reasonable as well (e.g., Mulder, 2016). If desirable however one could adjust the prior to check how sensitive the outcome is of the chosen prior.”

    Mulder, J. (2016). Bayesian testing of constrained hypotheses. In M.C. Kaptein & J. Robertson (Eds.), Modern Statistical Methods for HCI. Springer-Verlag.

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