Additional Information: On the Progression and Stability of Adolescent Identity Formation

Additional information on:
Meeus, W., Van de Schoot, R., Keijsers, L., Schwartz, S. J., & Branje, S. (2010). On the Progression and Stability of Adolescent Identity Formation. A Five-Wave Longitudinal Study in Early-to-Middle and Middle-to-Late Adolescence. Child Development, 81(5), 1565–1581. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8624.2010.01492.x
Link to article

It has recently come to the authors’ attention that there is an error in the published version of this article. The BFs as reported for RQ 1 in Table 2 (p. 1574) should have been BF 2,1 = 15,514.22 and BF2,unc = 21.41. The PMP values of M1, M2, and M3 should have been : < .001, .95 and .05, respectively. The overall conclusions of the analysis do not change because of the corrected results. The authors would like to apologize for overlooking this mistake.

To correct the mistake we published a corrigendum.

We elaborated on what went wrong in this paper:
Rens van de Schoot & Wim Meeus (2014). Various positions on testing Inequality constrained hypotheses for LTA results. PDF

Do not hesitate to send me an email with questions regarding the new results.

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