Additional information: A black bear story

Additional information on:
Van de Schoot, R., Verhoeven, M., & Hoijtink, H. (2013). Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses in SEM using Mplus: A black bear story. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 10(1), 81-98. doi:10.1080/17405629.2012.732719
Link to article

The Mplus output file

The data can be requested by sending me an email.

Correction page 93:
As was correctly noted by Arun Arunachalam and Joop Hox, independently, there is a typo in the formula on page 93. The denominator in formula 1b of Step 5 should have been .0833 instead of .0416 which influences the reported Bayes Factors on page 93: BFHi2 vs Hu=6.18BFHi2 vs Hnot = 23.36, and BFHi2 vs Hi1 = 2.04.
The overall conclusions of the article do not change because of these typos.

corrigendum was published and the corrected text can be downloaded here.

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