Gaming your way out of trouble

From the DoY-newsletter: “Can video games help youngsters gain more self control? To find out, Margot Peeters and her team developed a video game which allows young people to train their impulse control. ‘We want them to play the game because they like it, not because they’re forced into it.’ ” […] Together with Game studio Shosho we developed The Fling for Beat-it. It’s a “boy meets girl” story with a twist, so it appeals to both sexes. In the game, for example, the boy might play the guitar for the girl, and you can see speech bubbles when they send each other messages. More…

Margot Peeters works together with Remco Veltkamp, Robbert Jan Beun, Rens van de Schoot and Wouter Boendermaker.


Boendermaker, W. J., Veltkamp, R., Beun, R. J., van de Schoot, R., & Peeters, M. (2016). Introducing the Fling–An Innovative Serious Game to Train Behavioral Control in Adolescents: Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial. In Games and Learning Alliance (pp. 120-129). Springer International Publishing.

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