Workshop “A gentle introduction to Bayesian analysis using Mplus and Blavaan”

StatsCamp-Logo-Badge.pngThis ‘My first Bayes’-workshop is part of StatsCamp, organized in Lisbon May 1st – 3rd.

Although it is very attractive to use Bayesian statistics, naively applying Bayesian methods can be dangerous for three main reasons: the potential influence of priors, misinterpretation of Bayesian features and results, and improper reporting of Bayesian results. To deal with these three points of potential danger, we will spend a lot of time discussing these issues. You will learn how to use the WAMBS-checklist (When to worry and how to Avoid the Misuse of Bayesian Statistics). The purpose of the questionnaire is to describe 10 main points that should be thoroughly checked when applying Bayesian analysis.

During this workshop you will be gently introduced into Bayesian statistics. On each day, the morning session consists of lectures, and the afternoon session is a computer lab where the topics of the morning are applied on example data.

For more information and registration go to the StatsCamp website.

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